Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Reasons why I love Youtube # 25

There's only two types of people in this world, my friend: those simps who think Jarvis Cocker bumrushing Michael Jackson's 1996 performance of Earth Song was the most notable Brit Awards moment of the decade, and the more discerning viewers amongst us who KNOW that the time Mark Morrison cranked out Return Of The Mack at the 1997 Brit Awards when he was on trial for smuggling a burner onto an airliner was the single greatest live performance in the history of television:

Mark's ankle length white mink and black Only God Can Judge Me print turtleneck ensemble was mad baroque, but peep closer and you'll notice it's his mic-throwing skills in this clip that are truly next-level: clock 3:30 - to 3:34 where he stagedives backwards into an adoring throng and then casually tosses his mic from his left hand to his right hand for a glimpse of live TV swag that's second only to the time a clearly shitfaced Scott Hall got hit in the head by a drink on Nitro and used it to grease his immaculate mullet back further without messing a single follicle of hair up. Still, if only Mark had known in 1997 that those blessed with pure uncut swag are supposed to go and cop private jets when they get kicked off planes then his life might not turned into a sisyphean loop of failed-comebacks and prison sentences.


brad said...

hahaha @ that video. it really doesn't get any better than that!

Fosterakahunter said...

God knows Britain hasn't produced anything as great, since. lol