Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Martorial elegance # 44 : too jhort edition

Ayo, you might see us in designer underwear, bloggin' in a recliner leather chair with minders everywhere, and when we postin' shit up the minors stop and stare, but we just spotted this Canadian TV performance of Horse & Carriage in the Youtube Suggestions bar of the Ma$e live medley on Teen Summit video that's currently everywhere :

Oh, jou don' know that Fat Cam and Jimmy doing some synchronized pattycaking is a matter for much discussion, but here at The Martorialist offices the most pertinent talking point has been Jim's 3/4+½ nu-metal cuffed jean shorts which can finally set the scene for an epic Martorial Elegance showdown at noon we've been waiting to take place for over 5 years now; Michael Buffer's currently recovering from throat cancer and swimming in the $400 million he's made from licencing, so we had to rope in Mystikal for this one instead. Our shorts tinted out, yours see-through - we see you :

Mystikal - Ready To Rumble (2000)

In the left corner we have Capo representing Harlem in the Fieldy from KoRN cuffed jhorts that are bigger than a Sumo; in the right corner we have V.I.Prodigy from the Outta Control remix video representing th-th-th-the 'Bridge in some eastern European builder during the summer months cuffed jhorts which won't let ya mouth getcha in shit ya legs can't run from :


James said...

Fuck yea!

Anonymous said...

Real men wear jorts with a big fuck-off knee brace, imho.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Juvenile's rolled up Stone Cold Steve Austin jhorts in the Solja Rag video could've worked that look so fucking hard.