Friday, 27 May 2011

An AZ compilation 4 u

This was gonna be another one of those posts about some AZ songs which've never quite been embraced by the internet's bosom beyond hardcore S.O.S.A fans, but after writing about how he's not really allowed to get tetchy when Azie accuses him of swagger-jacking when his Gangsta Shit joint on Doo Wop's The State Vs. Doo Wop album is the namesake of MobStyle's most anthemic choon, and how it'd be unfair to chop Papoose out of Knowledge Is Freedom from the N4L mixtape when it's necessary to the equilibrium of New York rap that both rappers appear on a song together where AZ doesn't hilariously pilfer Cam's Confessions Of Fire-era flow like he did on Thug Connection (plus *whisper it* I actually quite like Papoose's verse on there) I decided to scrap the idea and threw together a compilation of lesser-spotted AZ cuts instead, including those two joints, a few songs I've posted before and a bunch of other stuff; all of which should fit on a blank CD-R.

Sending this one out to all y'all still unconverted and casual AZs listeners to familiarize you with some of his more slept-on moments, so we have original versions, remixes, songs from the independent S.O.S.A EP, mixtape joints, songs from DJ compilations, songs from his own Anthology compilations, cuts from officially unreleased albums, cameo appearances, songs from mixtapes & street-albums, and acapella viral video commercials ripped straight off the 'tube. Basically songs from everywhere but his official canonical albums, which are the ones he shot videos for if I use the same criteria he applied in some WSHH interview where he was quizzed about the difference between the Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary album and his glut of dodgy indie releases throughout 2008 and 2009. Sex, cars, clothes, money and murder, soldiers - this is for your server :

1. AZ - Your World Don't Stop original version (1995)
2. AZ ft. Raekwon - Doe Or Die RZA remix (1995)
3. The Firm - La Familia original version w/ Cormega (1996)
4. The Firm ft. Half-A-Mill - Firm Biz remix (1997)
5. AZ - Sunshine (1998)
6. AZ - Platinum Bars (2000)
7. Doo Wop ft. AZ - Gangsta Shit (2003)
8. AZ ft. Ma$e - We Gon' Make It Right (2004)
9. AZ - I am AZ (2004)
10. AZ - Omega (2004)
11. AZ ft. Nas - Serious (2004)
12. Begetz ft. Half-A-Mill & AZ - Cold Outside (2005)
13. Styles P ft. AZ - The Hardest Part 1 (2006)
14. Statik Selektah ft. AZ & Cormega - No Holding Back (2007)
15. AZ - Doin' That Memphis Sessions remix (2007)
16. Foxy Brown ft. AZ - Too Real (2008)
17. AZ - Burglar Rap Intro (2008)
18. AZ ft. Papoose - Knowledge Is Freedom (2008)
19. AZ - Live Your Life (2009)
20. AZ - Hustle In My Blood (2009)
21. DJ Kay Slay ft. Ghostface, AZ & Raekwon - See The Light (2010)
22. AZ - Doe Or Die 15th Anniversary Commercial (2010)



step one said...

thanks man, looks good. few bits on here I dont have.
(what happened to 'Live Wire'?)

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Had to snip it when I realised I'd already included 4 joints from that period. Probably didn't quite qualify anyway since it was a bonus track on A.W.O.L.

admiral said...

Great comp. Props for including my favorite joint from Memphis Sessions (next to Game of Life) - incredible how those MS remixes make songs I usually skip over on their respective albums absolutely essential.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Like teh remix of Make Me too.

done said...

Cheers broham, gonna bump this ASAP.
And I think it was you who asked about this:

Realer than real deal Hollyfield. My #1 Reason I Love Youtube.

done said...

And Memphis Sessions might actually be my favourite AZ album, even though its not an album. Good call including it.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I copped the full O.G VHS tape off Amazon after that post last year.

done said...

Ah man I'm Jealous. Made my day seeing all these, He did one for the intro and everything.

James said...

What's the deal with that Mase song?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

It was a DJ Sickamore mixtape exclusive, James.

Done, cop that shit for £3.49 + postage on Amazon if you've still got any sort of VHS player.

done said...

Nice one, I'm on it.

Mr Bozack said...

Nice one.

Ray Garraty said...


Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Out at the moment so I'll re-up this tomorrow morning.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Re-upped. Click the link.

Ray Garraty said...