Monday, 23 May 2011

Should Beelow's Big Body remix have been in Complex's 50 greatest N.O rap songs list?

Well, no, because Beelow's from Baton Rogue even though the song features Juvenile, but this gloriously cheap 'n' nasty posse cut is like what would emerge from Wyatt in Weird Science's en-suite bathroom if he and Gary had fed their magical computer a bunch of NOLA related data including crucial joints by Lil' Slim, the Hot Boy$, the Miller Brothers and Mystikal on another stormy night :

Beelow ft. Lil' Soulja, Juvenile & Thugg Addict - Big Body remix
(From Ballaholic; 2000)

How do metal dudes even have the sheer barefaced cojones to brag about their favourite genre being the most hardbody music in America today when Dimebag Darrell died after taking three shots to the dome yet rappers like Beelow, Azie from MobStyle and 50 have all been shot in the head multiple times and lived? Fuck outta here, heshers.


James said...

It's alive..aliiiiiiiiiive!

sisilafami said...

here's the video :

thugg addict really sounds like mystikal

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Yeah, I've seen that (it was where I figured out who the other rappers on the song are because Juvenile is the only one listed on the CD and Discogs/CD Universe.)

The dude who uploaded that is the same guy who originally uploaded the videos for Solja Rag, the singles from Mind Of Mystikal, a bunch of No Limit singles and loads of rare Louisiana singles so I'm forever indebted to him.

done said...

Yeah that dudes accounts the greatest.

Speaking of rappers who sound like mystikal:

Just an excuse to show that millie jackson cover really.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Bitin' the Biz Toilet Stoop Rap cover swag.

done said...

Neither are quite as great as this though:

Unsurprisingly, Ol Dirty's favourite singer.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Far sexier than 2 Girls 1 Cup.