Sunday, 22 May 2011

When the hell is Zed Zilla's Rents Due mixtape coming out?

Zed Zilla - I'm Da Boss (2010)

Still waiting for an MP3 of my Boy Looka Here of 2010 nine months after it popped up online because this version is clean and everytime I try to snag the audio from Youtube it won't rip the entire song for some reason. Factor in that I haven't really liked any other Zed Zilla songs I've heard and that there's some other rapper called Zilla whose songs/mixtapes regularly apperar in my DirtyGloveBastard feed and it feels like I'm being taunted for enjoying a joint by Yo Gotti's weed carrier so much.

Speaking of being mocked for digging songs which only currently exist on Youtube, my bi-monthly check of teh Amazon MP3 store as part of my odyssey to see if Young Bleed's Put Ya Stamp On It has turned up as a good quality MP3 yet yielded an "OH SHIT!!!" moment this week involving another song featuring Bleed from 2006 which could only be found in low bit rate quality on Youtube that I've posted about before when Down Home by Big Mike & Six-2 featuring Young Bleed appeared on a compilation called Lethal Ent. Greatest Hits Volume 1. I paid my money only for it to turn out to be a godamn clean version - this can't be life. The song obviously exists as a dirty version because the video isn't edited so is it really too complicated a task to put that version on your fucking compilation, Lethal Entertainment?

If this weren't shiesty enough, the compilation is also billed as featuring Another 2006 Youtube exclusive in I'z A Playa by Nephew & Pimp C, but Pimp's verse has been completely severed from the song. Big Mike should really firebomb the Lethal Entertainment office like he did to one of J. Prince's houses when he was beefing with Rap-A-Lot back in 2000.

Nephew ft. Pimp C - I'z A Player (2006)


Billy Patrick said...

Zilla's just doing a million guest verses every town he goes too haha, I don't know if anything that doesn't have paid features on it will ever be released.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Godamn rappers.

done said...

I like the other Zilla's Zilla Shit tape a lot, it had some really epic production. The producers were responsible for a fair bit of the G-Side album too. Ha his name used to be Swagzilla actually, now thats one even I cant get behind.

This Nephew songs great, wonder if Pimp had a hand in producing it, what with the weird organ sounds.

Im loving the way the blogs are all finally coming round to Rich Boy lately.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

+ The Rich Boy dat ass meme is classic.