Friday 13 March 2009

MF Doom's best track since the glory days of Operation Doomsday?

I've been pretty much disappointed by everything MF Doom has dropped since Operation Doomsday aside from the odd tune here and there and Madvillain, which took a while to worm its way into my brain as i'm a square who thought Doom only excelled over his own beats, so i was fairly indifferent about his new album, but i'm pleasantly suprised that i've liked everything which has leaked from it so far, with the exception of that new version of the Ghostface tag-team Angelz with the clunky tagged-on drums which make it lumber where it once soared.

This got me thinking what his best post-Operation Doomsday tune is. You don't have to be Gail Grimble (Palin is so 2008, darling; It's all about Trimble in 2009) to know that it's I Hear Voices part 2 but that'd be too obvious a choice and, besides, it doesn't count as it was on the reissue of Op' Doomsday. Madvillain is great but it works better as something you experience as a whirlwind whole as opposed to singling out specific tracks.

Fast Lane with Kurious from the King Geedorah album is magnificent but that's also disqualified due to it not having Doom rapping on it, so his finest post-Operation Doomsday moment has gotta be Mic Line, his solo track from the otherwise woeful Monsta Island Czars group album :

MF Doom - Mic Line

Where does that sample come from? Isn't it some Stevie Wonder cover which was on that Bobbito & DJ Spinna mix?


Anonymous said...

i like hoe cakes meself

Anonymous said...

New album is decent after a first listen.

Boothe said...

Mic Line is a good pick.

Haven't put much thought into this, but I'll just throw One Beer into the mix, for the sake of discussion.

Mugsey said...

I just found out that my mate Coz from Neston co-produced the new album. Weird.

toilet said...

It think the loop on Mic Line is a record called Mademoiselle. I think it's by someone called Foxy but I always used to think it was Al Jarreau.

There was a jungle track in the early 90s that looped the intro off the same record which I think was by Jumpin Jack Frost.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Ah, cheers for the info.