Friday 27 March 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 3

This week scientists suggested that eating chicken regularly may slightly decrease the chances of developing cancer, which is rather handy as about the only thing the rapidly fracturing cold dystopia that we call the internet can agree on it's that on the 8th day god created chicken.

But our fine feathered fowl friends have uses beyond fast food designed to tickle our taste-bud g-spots as Charlie Sheen's crossbow wielding character Topper Harley found out in Rambo-spoof flick Hot Shots Part Deux (a rare superior sequel a la Evil Dead 2, The Godfather Part 2 and Empire Strikes Back) when he ran out of arrows to shoot at the Iraq terrorist who emerged from the hut in the camp Topper and his motley band of freedom fighting mercenaries have ilfiltrated and had to....improvise :

(Full scene here from 6:30 onwards should you want to see Topper running out of arrows by being blighted with a bout of Robbie Keane in the 6 yard box-ish accuracy).

Bonus chicken related beats :

Project Pat's finest moment.


Jo Fuertes-Knight said...

You're a fucking hero.

brad said...

'i loved you in wall street!"

dj said...

God had already created chickens on the 5th day or thereabouts. On the eighth day he was done with making shit.