Wednesday 11 March 2009

Short dog's in the house

I knew Curren$y was short but i thought he was more Prodigy and Havoc than Bushwick Bill. Apparently not :

Should his rap career not provide prosperous enough to keep him in jeans brought from the pre-teen section then there'll always be a role for him in the inevitable Time Bandits remake which will probably happen within the next couple of years.

Anywho, i'm rather feelin' his latest tune. Less of that Lupe-lite bullshit he's been doing since his split from Ca$h Money Records (though only a true curmudgeon could deny the cover concept of his Fast Times At Ridgemont Fly mixtape) and more Clipse-esque (those haunted forrest oboes are pure Hell Hath No Fury) by the way of vintage N.O with a laconic drawl that's vaguelly reminiscent of Young Bleed replacing his usual slightly gay lithpy voice. More of this cold gang$ta shit please, Curren$y.

Curren$y - Scared Of Monsters

And on the subject of rappers with dollar signs in their name who've been left in limbo by Ca$h Money Records here's an underrated favourite song of mine by All $tar. Just give me some introspective melancholy southern gang$ta-rap and i'm happier than a chinaman in a trigonometry competition.

All $tar - Keep Doing My Thing


Anonymous said...

wow..really does sound like neptunes beat for the clipse

currensy has some nice tunes tho, mart

Rob Pursey said...

Damn - dude is REALLY short!

Peacemaker said...

Curren$y has a real good rap. I like his music man