Sunday 1 March 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever part 2

There's nowt quite like a good legging, is there? When i go jogging and i'm literally breathing out of my arse after about 15 minutes i like to nullify the pain by reminiscing on my misspent youth with the times we used to get legged by various Mandog family members after pelting their house with eggs and calling the Mandog-mum a fat inbred slag to get me through the burn-barrier that every runner hits.

A far less healthy but infinately more enjoyable option would be to feel the exhilaration of the chase, sans the unpleasant knackering side-effects or possibility of being caught by an irate mong who wants to chin you in revenge for casting aspersions on whether his mother fornicated with her brother to produce him, by simply watching the running chase scene featuring the Wanderers and the Fordham Baldies from the long forgotten 1979 flick about 60s gangs The Wanderers :

5 reasons why this is the apex of movie chase scenes :

1. Dago Wanderers gang members getting legged through a labyrinth of Bronx tennement courtyards, passageways and backstreets by shaven headed WASP Baldies gang members after Joey Wanderer has the nerve to compare the Baldies to pricks with ears. Or is it ears without pricks?

2. Wanderers head honco Richie blowing off the broad that he's balls-deep in in a well intentioned but ultimately wasted effort to come to the aid of his fellow Wanderers only to end up getting legged himself when he learns that it's the universally feared Baldies chasing them.

3. Wipe-Out by The Surfari's soundtracking the epic legging.

4. Perry AKA the low-rent sub-Stallone Itallian Stallion who would later find fame as Meat in Porky's (he was briefly in Die Hard 2 too as the fake construction worker who shoots the guy in the church) appearing from nowhere to rescue the cornered, outnumbered Wanderers by going Iron-Mike on a slew of Baldies, including the chap who would later go on to become Horace Pinker in Shocker/Skinner in the X Files.

5. The matchpick chewing Perry and the Fat Joe resembling Baldies Boss Terror indulging in a poker-faced, narrow-eyed Leone-esque stand off before..well, you'll have to watch it to find out the valediction but it's all about the journey, darling.

Ghostface ft. Jadakiss - Run


Anonymous said...

the elbow titting scene is classic too haha

Conroy said...

i never saw this, for some weird reason as a yoot you had to pick either the warriors or the wanderers, i was always into the warriors. I'm going to watch this now though,