Tuesday 24 March 2009

Surf dudes with attitude

But i ain't talkin' about them chaps from 90s Yank teen-com California Dreams.

So, as the sun begins to steadily rise out of the miasma we call British winter time it's wriiten into the rap bloggaz bible that thou must make a topical west coast post urging your readers to bump some G-Funk because it's, like, also sunny in California so they should listen to It Was A Good Day or Regulate on the bus when it's going over some speedbumps and pretend that they're hittin' switches in a six fo' cadi' driving down Crenshaw Boulevard.

The Southern Hospitality homies posted links to Mac Dre and Thizz Nation's TReal parts one & two documentaries on Google Video the other day and, naturally, i wouldn't wanna break rap-blog tradition so it's time for the token spring time Martorialist post featuring a grip of west coast jams.

Husalah - Sleep With Da Fishes

Tucked away on the rather poor 2006 Mob Trial compilation by Andre Nickatina & Mob Figaz was this gem by the hugely entertaining Husalah. I've pondered on how to describe this tune for all of 30 seconds now and the best i can come up with is that it's simply some bombastic gang$ta shit. I'd add the prerequisite FREE HUSALAH! here but A-Wax's relentless HUSALAH SNITCHED campaign is fairly damning.

Compton's Most Wanted - Duck Sick

The Hood Took Me Under is CMW's most anthemic moment but this is their most macked-out and DJ Mike T's cuttin'-up on here is vicious. Rap has gone on to more acerbic and violent heights since this was released in 1990 but "I heard you did a show for ya mom's tapedeck" remains a timeless dis guaranteed to puncture the very essence of a man's soul.

Nate Dogg - I Got Love

There was a remix of this with Fabolous, Kurupt and someone else but who really wants to hear them phoning in verses when you can listen to Nate doing his thang on his finest solo moment, from 2001? Nate himself has been rather ill during recent times so i'd usually offer up a keep your head up here but a hold your head type sentiment to a double stroke victim might be in slightly poor taste.

CPO featuring MC Ren - Ballad Of A Menace

Back in 1990 i was a huge NWA stan like every other cracker who listened to rap but i completely slept on the To Hell And Black album by MC Ren's pet-project group CPO until years later when my pal Chek put me up on it during a roadtrip. CPO were far more CMW than NWA from their more sombre tone to their love of Isaac Hayes samples to their savage scratching and this is the best track from their one and only album.

Tha Eastsidaz - Bacc On The Blocc

Snoop's long since become a parody figure but you can never quite count him out as he can still come up with the odd moment of brilliance like his his hilarious movie Boss'n Up, his tunes with The Neptunes on production duties, that Cali Iz Activ track with Tha Dogg Pound, the unfuckwithable Sexual Eruption or this synth thumper with his group of weedcarriers Tha Eastsidaz from 2006.

San Quinn featuring J.T Tha Bigga Figga - The Hustle Continues

The best tune on San Quinn's second cd from 1996. Low budget squelchy Bay Area G-Funk with San Quinn and J.T recounting how the hustle is a daily grind every man must endure should he want to live la dolce vita. Their everyday hustle is slightly more exciting than yours and mine though as it involves bouncin' in drop tops, poppin' multiple hoes and stackin' thousands.


Rob Pursey said...

DOPE post!! Making me want to dig out some of those joints - especially The Eastsidaz

Anonymous said...

yeh, that eastsidaz is nuts.

good stuff, mart.

cmw are the west coast g.o.a.t group

Anonymous said...

Used to love both those Eastsidaz albums, not sure if they've aged well but they're special to me nonetheless.

And I'll never be able to compute Hus being a snitch, overwhelming evidence or otherwise. Can't wait for his post-pokey album. Shit I can't wait for his post-pokey album title even!

dj said...

California Dreams. Between Saved by the Bell New Class and Alex Mack on the Channel 4 summer line-up. Classic.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Alex Mack's sister Annie would've got the dick so hard.

When she'd wear the science lab coat = schwing.

Alex didn't become hot until she was in 3rd Rock From The Sun a few years later.

dj said...

You make a strong Larisa Oleynik case, although I kinda liked her as Mack, except you are omitting her work as Ben Savage's best friend's missus in a season of Boy Meets World, a blossoming that carried through to guilty please 10Things.

dj said...

I think I said she was a cunt, not a slut.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Post pix of her bein' a cunt then.

Katrina Dix is a hot name.

Anonymous said...

that is Clyde Carson on the picture
with the A's hat