Sunday, 8 March 2009

Martorial elegance # 14

How very apt that his ring-of-Saturn balloon headband has twisted itself into the shape of an impaled cocks 'n' balls.

According to Claire Tits this Thunderbirds puppet resembling streak of piss is on the sex offenders register. Now, perhaps this salacious rumour is merely a filthy lie intended to besmirch the character of an innocent bloke but here at The Martorialist we subscribe to the theory of guilty-until-proven-otherwise and should it transpire that he's not a kiddie fiddler then he's still commited the heinous crime of being a bum-bag wearing crackhead street entertainer who has a ponytail, which is just as bad as trying to lure young kids onto the tip of his cock with promises of balloon animals and sweeties.

Our real beef here, however, stems from the fact that he has a black girlfriend. Granted she's smokin' hubba rocks too but can you believe that shit? Every time a black chick dates some dirtbag chocolate-shark cracker a microcosm of the universe's swirling soul evaporates forever thus sending us all a little closer to cosmic-oblivion.

Turf Talk ft. San Quinn & Mac Dre - Hubba Rock


Sha Deezy said...

That guy really fucking annoys me with his superficial banter and "oh no it's free, but if you see it in you heart to spare a few coppers, it would be appreciated" bullshit. I wouldn't go wandering around town after dark fella.

Brad said...

he def does look like a jerry anderson puppet haha