Sunday 10 April 2016

Hairdresser from College Park, that's the monster 'do

"I just took a flick with ur girlfriend
I been kickin' shit with ur girlfriend
I just smoked a blunt with ur girlfriend
I think that I'm done with ur girlfriend"

"Call me David, I'm the one to blame" - wordplay so eyerollingly dubious that you've got to admire Kap G for having the sheer audacity to sneak it into a song. I'on even care, though, because Girlfriend is Vato's most ondulado song since last year's tragically ignored Andelay, and the video proves he still has the most enviable hair in all of rap.

Kap G - Girlfriend
(From El Southside mixtape; 2016)

El Southside is now available tagless for those of us who want Girlfriend and/or the Pharrell joint without DJ Drama howlin' at the moon over them.


hotbox said...

"pimpin' ain't easy big daddy kane"

Zara said...

Kap G is capital G gorgeous

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

What about Grant and Phil tho?

Zara said...

Capital G Gross

Trill ENT Young Miscavage said...

"Oh dear"