Thursday 21 April 2016

#Woke up one morning about 6 O'clock part 2

"I was against all odds fresh out the womb
My only hope was to soak game so I consume
My n*ggas chilled and parlayed, I learned the hard way
Scuffed and ruffed up, the game done scarred Dre
Back in the days all I knew was the 'hood and rocks
Lookin' for fonk and headin' straight for a wooden box
Sprung on the quick cash and gettin' a grip fast
Never really trippin' on how long would shit last
Earnin' my ghetto stripes in scraps and ghetto fights
F*ckin' with 'hoodrats, them tramps and ghetto types
Never givin' a f*ck, nah, not even sometimes
Just havin' a fun time, runnin' from one time
Trippin' and not even peepin' the shit
Slippin' and steady gettin' deep in the shit
I let the game control me, it shape and mold me
Then it treated me coldly, it pimped and hoed me
I was sellin' the crack but not stackin' a damn thing
And now that I look back, man, it's a damn shame
Couldn't recognise there was game to peep
Dank had me gone and my brain asleep
I finally woke up in the federal penn'
Broke than a muhf*cka, beggin' for ends
I was a midget, a small digit, forgotten
Game was stale, my name was rotten
Had life by the ass, my shit was twisted
I thought about the 'hood and how much I missed it
But the life I was livin' wasn't really shit
I was clockin' them ends but wasn't stackin' a grip
They had the world thinkin' I was runnin' in vaults
I reassessed my thoughts, improved my faults
And for the next 4 years I kicked and waited
Becomin' top notch while incarcerated
But that's the way it goes, you pay the price
When you're deep in the game and you're livin' that life"

Mac Dre - Livin That Life
(From The Musical Life Of Mac Dre Vol 3 album; 2014)

If there's a glaring omission from the Mac Dre generic list post I put together for Drew Barber, it's gotta be Livin' That Life. Dre & Khayree damn near made a movie with this song and the 2nd verse as quoted up top might be the realest shit Dre ever wrote. The remastered version uploaded here for your pleasure is a very slight improvement on the 1997 original from The Blackalation, partially because of the enhanced sound quality but mainly due to Khayree removing that annoying post-song skit about the bisexual with the Beamer. Word around the town, Dre intentionally mispronounced FILA on the first verse because he was planning on dropping a side-project under the pseudonym of Mac Malapropism.

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THE GUY said...


d said...

Cant think of that many rappers you can read their lyrics and hear the flow exactly in your head, some kinda bars. man Im more and more of a fan every year.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Always kinda slept on this tune purely because it happens to come from the same album as Back 2 My Mission. I'm officially #woke now.

d said...

Yeah cant say Ive given most the Blackalation its due time either tbh.

d said...

Id love to find out if that career retrospective/come up song was ever anywhere in HQ aswell, prob my fav out of the unreleased ones I heard.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Which song is that?