Friday 8 April 2016

#Woke up one morning at 6 O'clock...

"I did the thing in the penn' the whole time I was in
I stayed soakin' up game and steady pushin' my pen
I read about shit I never knew existed
Before I went to jail I had the whole thing twisted
But now I knows and I'm finna expose
What really goes on behind closed doors
Them devils got a plot that'll shock the nation
To control black power and population"

Mac Dre - Pawns In The Game
(From The Musical Life Of Mac Dre Vol 3 album; 2014)

Maybe it's just ya boy that's been sleepin', but there seems to be a couple of genuinely hitherto-unreleased jams on this The Musical Life Of Mac Dre Vol 3: The Young Black Brotha Years 1996-1998 album Khayree released through Thizz Nation a couple of years back. Best of the bunch gotta be Pawns In The Game here, some real spit in the vein of Life's A Bitch over the sorta bluesy fonk which later underpinned Devin The Dude's best albums. Presumably this was Too Woke For Da F**kin' Album when Khayree was puttin' The Blackalation together?

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TheBaySlaps Snitch said...

Good find.

Anonymous said...

Dre and Khayree were such a good partnership

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

This is easily my favourite new/old find of 2016 so far.

The explicit Firm Biz (World's Famous Remix) too but that's a Step One find obv.