Monday 18 April 2016

Baby Bish Bash Bosh

Robin Schulz ft. Francesco Yates - Sugar
(From Sugar single; 2015)

How did Robin Schulz's House remake of Baby Bash & Frankie J's Suga Suga go from being a song which didn't even bumrush the U.K top 20 last summer to being the hen party banger du jour on the U.K high street? Hit up the Albert Dock branch of Revs any saturday night and you're guaranteed to find the dancefloor packed with women dressed as nuns doing things that'd make Lucifer blush whenever the DJ plays Sugar.

It might be scientifically impossible to record a bad version of Suga Suga as the Reggae remix proved when Major Riley & Happy Perez freaked the original with a (Baby) Bashment twist. Even the Grand Puba of 2016 could make a decent tune out of that remix and he's fresh offa dropping this century's worst Reggae-Rap song.


Jasper said...

Fucking hell that Grand Puba is shit.

Unknown said...

Damn I was curious about that Puba album but between this song and the one that Unkut posted I think I'll pass, which is a shame cause that track he dropped earlier this year was exactly what I wanna hear from Puba in 2k16.

noah said...

Suga suga is the only good thing that crazy town has ever inspired.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The best thing I can say about the new Puba LP is that it's not quite his worst album purely because it contains one good tune in The More Things Change.

Whereas his Koch album from 2001 was a bag of shite from top to bottom.

Al Caatfiysh said...

Robin Schulz got bangers