Friday, 14 November 2014

Reasons I love YouTube - Motown & Black Sabbath edition

In celebration of the imminent Style Wars Blu-ray, here's a 2013 interview where the legendary graffiti writer SEEN demolishes the whole concept of teh 4 elements of hip hop as little more than a last-minute marketing strategy put together by Henry Chalfont during the making of Style Wars because he didn't have enough footage of the Rock Steady Crew to fill out a documentary about breakdancing. In a perfect world Chalfont would have scrapped all the graffiti and breakdancing footage entirely, and shot 70 minutes of Skeme's mum & the old white fella who asks "is that his name or a nom de plume?" going on a date to 42nd Street to catch a screening of Battle Of The Amazons at The Liberty instead:

"Sorry, that's the way it went down! This shit does not belong together, and it fuckin' kills me every time people try to melt me into that same fuckin' pot because I wanna just fuckin' turn and burn and disappear because I hate fuckin' rap, and I hate that breakdancin' shit, so suck my dick in Macy's window during holiday rush!"


Chris R said...

Excellent use of the Krs gif here, sir.

end 2 end roflcopters said...

lol Id only ever heard this theory 2nd hand but hearing it vouched for>>>>>

its too convenient, makes sense it was invented by someone trying to legitimize a culture/exploit it. Only helps rappers to push it too.

Gonna need to hear Wickeds take on this.

Ettelthun said...

Jay Seagraves, hold ya dome.

Fulci said...

LOL! Great use of that KRS gif.