Thursday 13 November 2014

I'm known to stretch work like yoga and I keep the green like Yoda

Shitro Sanchez is the only generic Atlanta trappeur known for hanging around in kitchens with PeeWee LongWay & various other shirtless blokes who've hung out with Young Thug once we fuxwit here at The Martorialist. The difference between him and his contemporaries is he'd rather flip out over somethin' that sounds a lil' different (word to the Byrd), as illustrated by his latest single here. Okay, so different in this instance is just shorthand for the bassline from Freak No More thumping ominously underneath some computerised bleeps and blurps, but that still makes Shitro the lone figure with good taste in production currently working in a sub-genre that favours beats which knock about as hard as ants crawling across a sheet of A4 paper:

MPA Shitro - Work
(From YouTube; 2014)


GGGGG said...

"No Games" is the lowkey best Young Thug guest song of 2014.

Zwoop nation said...

I fux with Shitty Montana. I also fux with Longway Longway, whose Blue M&M has 7-8 solid songs, which is 6-7 more solid songs than the Migos post YRN.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I just wanna know how he managed to wrangle his way onto a Lil' Debbie song.

CrowleyHead said...

Shitro's actually Nipsey Hussle's "Jungle", so that explains the connections.

Though how a human can be around Shitro and still be the most ABYSMAL rapper ever is beyond me.