Wednesday 19 November 2014

"How many times I gotta say I ball before I can convince Carter?" = top 5 Sage The Gemini punchline of the year.

Show Banga ft. Sage The Gemini - I Been That
(From YouTube; 2014)

Very pleased to see Show Banga & Sage The Gemini's I Been That has finally become a friggin' movie (™ Westwood) because I been that blogger riding for it ever since may. As far as 2014 HBK Gang goes, I Been That has got way more slap to it than anything off IamSu's boring debut album which managed to sound like a meeting of Warren G & Kenny G in the worst way imaginable.

HBK top 5 of 2014: Bad Girls by Sage The Gemini; Ask YB by Jay Ant; I Been That by Show Banga with Sage The Gemini; Only That Real (Back 2 Cali remix) by IamSu with 2 Chainz & Sage The Gemini; Bitch I Look Good by Kool John with P-Lo.


GGGGGG said...


Noble Locks said...

That remix of "Only That Real" is 0_0

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

My role model used to drive a Reliant Regal.

Anonymous said...

rip the bay

RMH said...

I still confuse Sage The Gemini and Jemini The Gifted One in my head.