Friday 6 June 2014

Martorial elegance #74

Courtesy of Drew Huge, a 1983 Jonzun Crew press release with the quartet looking like Wolfgang Amstrad Moëzart & The 3 Macketeers at Rick James' annual player's ball:

Please believe Jonzun Crew's outfits are 100% more masculine than any rapper wearing True Religion bootcut jeans and hideous Giuseppe Zanotti high-tops made out of pleather and 4 different velcro straps.

Jonzun Crew - Space Is The Place
(From Space Is The Place single; 1982/Lost In Space album; 1983)


THE GUY said...


d said...

"Wolfgang Amstrad Moëzart & The 3 Macketeers"trademark

Electro dudes held it down, their music was actually as extravagant as the getups. Someone bringing the Caz dangly feather earring back is due now imo.

James said...

The 3 Jason Mcateers