Saturday 28 June 2014

I feel like Suga Free pimpin' the beat

Fallen down the Pushaz Ink weed carrier rabbit hole for the second time this week. We already know RJ got slaps with DJ Mustard, but he also has singles that knock with DJ Swish on the production & his 37 year old uncle from South Central lookin' ass Jay 305 on the second verse:

"Gettin' fucked to record? That's pornography
Rappers tellin' my story, no biography
Got a bad lil' bitch used to flock for me
She went to jail with her momma' lost property"

RJ ft. Jay 305 - I Feel Like
(From O.M.M.I.O mixtape; 2013)

If YG's neighbours can score themselves a DJ Mustard beat or two, then Suga Free over Mustard needs to happen ASAP. Would even settle for a remix of I Just Wanna Party with him doing the hook and replacing Yams' lean cup-carrier Schoolboy Q.


Bruce Footloose said...

I feel like this is good.

James said...

+1 on Suga Free over Mustard.

Anonymous said...

yea september 2013 was great