Wednesday 11 June 2014

Martorial elegance # 75

Why did Bush knock down the towers? Why you around them cowards? Why do rappers wear ballet pump/bowling shoe-hybrid lookin' ass Prada sneakers? Why didn't Fast Life Yungstaz release Prada Walkin' as the follow up single to Swag Surfin'?

"Countin' big racks in the mountains is where you'll find me
Money in the air, make it rain and change the climate"

Fast Life Yungstaz - Prada Walkin'
(From Jamboree album; 2009)

Was Hit Man by Spoonie Gee & Teddy Riley the first steel drum-rap song or do we count Hip Hop On Wax 2 by DJ Red Alert?


Queezy said...

I liked their song with Young Dro.

Zara said...

Good use of that gif.

2SHIN said...

lets be honest, it should have been 'party time' tbh.

they could have made that frat party anthem money. their management fucked up.