Wednesday 18 June 2014

They invented the slap 1.5

"I wish a muthafucka would try to try me
Roman numeral number 4, kid, a IV
Chain go John Doe, no I.D
High speed through the I.E with a 9 piece"

RJ ft. KayEss - Shoulda Coulda
(From RJ & DJ Mustard's O.M.M.I.O mixtape; 2013)

^^^ Honourable mention to yesterday's Surf Dudes With Attitude, Kinda Slappin' compilation which got cut from the tracklist at the last moment because there was already 1 YG weed carrier present and I wanted NhT Boyz on there.

RJ & Mustard should have pushed this as a single instead of the Gone Ride With Me homage Ride Wit' Me because that hook was good enough for Lil' Reese and 2 Chainz to both outright gaffle it for On My Soul and Woulda Coulda Shoulda respectively.


AAOSI said...

Reese said 2 Chainz bit him haha

CrowleyHead said...

Well, if it weren't for the fact that Reese's one good verse ("Don't Like") is literally comprised of lines Keef said all over the first Bang tape, you'd have to assume the guy's too untalented to know how to bite.

Shout out to Reese, curator extraordinaire.