Monday 9 June 2014

Generic list post: Tuff City edition

Oi Aaron Fuchs - if I refrain from mentioning your alleged pecuniary shortcomings in this generic list post of my 12 favourite songs in the Tuff City Records catalogue, will you hook me up with an MP3 of that secrete & rare Black Rob remake of Spoonie Gee's Take It Off in return?

1. Spoonie Gee - Street Girl (1985)
2. Lakim Shabazz - Your Arm's Too Short To Box With God (1989)
3. Coldcrush Brothers - Fresh, Wild, Fly And Bold (1984)
4. The 45 King - The 900 Number (1988)
5. Davy DMX - One For The Treble (1984)
6. PHD ft. Cormega - Set It Off (1991)
7. YZ - In Control Of Things (1989)
8. Grandmaster Caz - Yvette (1985)
9. Ultramagnetic MC's - Biscuits And Eggs (1996)
10. The Flavor Unit - Flavor Unit Assassination Squad (1990)
11. Lord Alibaski - Top Gun (1989)
12. Priority One - I Can't Go For That (1988)

In recent years Questlove has been the chief besmircher of Tuff City's business practices, nonetheless Fuchs is responsible for releasing some of the best 12" singles of the 1980s, getting the Coldcrush Brothers to record their one great studio song, convincing Grandmaster Caz to lay his legendary Yvette live routine down on wax before LL Cool J could kinda flagrantly jack it, and discovering Lakim Shabazz.

What's Questlove ever done for the better of humanity other than make Pumpkin roll in his grave as The Roots sullied the reputation of rap music made with teh real instruments, and pass himself off as a music scholar whilst mispronouncing the names of Sex Pistols albums & Roxy Music members?


Put it on ice and chill said...

Needs more Funkmaster Wizard Wiz

Unknown said...

Street Girl and Arms To Short to Box with God are such great songs.

Bobby said...

Spoonie Gee - The Godfather
45 King + Markey Fresh - The King Is Here
Lakim Shabazz - We Got The Funk
Grandmaster Caz - You Need Stitches

yeldarb said...

that ultras outtakes album "biscuits and eggs" was on is dope.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Good call on We Got The Funk. Lakim has some of the best non-album cuts ever.

step one said...

Hot Day & Mystique 'I Found Love' (not on youtube unfortunately) - heard this on a couple of old Marley Marl tapes.

hotbox said...

Good call on mr. alibaski although I would have replaced it with crunch time.

Speaking of dope indie label/shiesty CEO's I'm waiting on Robbie to hook up a Stu Fine interview.

noz said...

the definitive questlove-as-canon-parrot glitch is still the time he described christgau as "the lester bangs of now"

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

^ Lulz.

I've never heard that Hot Day record, Step. You got the 12"?

THE GUY said...


CrowleyHead said...

It will please the court to know, that since Fuchs owns "Impeach The President" and obviously Mark's "900 Number", that Mac Miller and Asher Roth both have had to pay exorbitant amounts of money to Fuchs to pay for their use of those samples. So who's to say Frat Rap didn't help out rap in some way?

Also, in a shameless display of arrogance, I will claim superiority to any current Passion Of The Weiss member in rap status, as I am directly related to a Tuff City artist by blood. Which is why I now peruse songs by people like MPA Duke and JNeal.

Because this is how the world works.