Saturday, 15 October 2011

Zed's dead to me

Over a year I've been impatiently waiting for that Zed Zilla Rents Due mixtape just for an MP3 of I'm Da Boss, and now the cover art/tracklist preview on DGB reveals it isn't even on there? Why I oughta go on a slaughter of your sons and daughter :

But it's a brand new season and I got a brand new attitude, a brand new way to come at a dude (most Finbar Saunders-able M.O.P lyric ever?) and brand new software to rip it off Youtube which actually snags it in full unlike previous failed attempts. So, with no further ado, here's the I'm Da Boss MP3 for the 5 folks per week who chance upon this site when searching for it, which, incidentally, is the same amount of weekly hits this place gets from people looking for pictures of Juelz Santana wearing a cardigan :

Zed Zilla - I'm Da Boss
(From Youtube; 2010)

Thanks to Step AKA Jack The Snipper for editing out the Dreamrunners Media intro from the video.

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step one said...

you're welcome. I might take that alias and run with it too.