Wednesday, 12 October 2011

The best of The Martorialist Volume Two

Yup, it's another journey to the centre of this blog's navel with numero dos of The best of The Martorialist. As with part uno, this is an all-over-the-shop collection of trans-generational/regional songs which have all been featured on here over the past near-4 years with instrumental bonus beats by Jungle Brothers; slept on album tracks by Lay-Lo, McGruff, Rappin' 4-Tay, Spoonie Gee, 8Ball & MJG, Bo$$ Hog Barbarians, Khayree & Mac Dre, Agallah, PSK-13 and C-Nile; 12" cuts by The Diplomats and Dr Jeckyll & Mr Hyde; 12"-only remixes by Positive K, Mobb Deep and Grand Puba that are all basically new songs in their own right; a Grindin' remake by E-40 & crew that was recorded for the KMEL radio station; mixtape/internet era joints by Rock D & Big Boi, Mic Terror, G. Dep and the Lil' Wayne incarnation of Boyz N Da Hood; a couple of 2011 songs by DB Tha General and Treal Lee & Prince Rick; and one of the greatest club records of all time by Crooklyn Clan :

The best of The Martorialist Volume Two

1. Jungle Brothers - J Beez Comin' Through Bonus Beats (1989)
2. Lay-Lo - Take It Like A Gee (1999)
3. Positive K ft. King Of Chill - Step Up Front (3 Heineken Technique) (1988)
4. Rappin' 4-Tay - She's Hooked (1988)
5. McGruff ft. Ma$e & Big L - Dangerzone (1998)
6. The Diplomats ft. DJ Kay Slay - Harlem (2002)
7. Rock D The Legend ft. Big Boi - DDT (That Hoe) (2007)
8. Mobb Deep - The After Hours G.o.d. Pt. III (1997)
9. Khayree ft. Mac Dre - Back 2 My Mission (1997)
10. Bo$$ Hog Barbarians - You Got Mail (2006)
11. 8Ball & MJG - N*ggas Talk Shit (1997)
12. E-40, San Quinn, B-Legit & Richie Rich - Timin' (2002)
13. PSK-13 - Headin' For My Trunk (1993)
14. Dr. Jeckyll & Mr Hyde - Doing The Do (1982)
15. Mic Terror - Juke Them Hoes (2007)
16. Treal Lee & Prince Rick - Shoes Up (2011)
17. G. Dep - Gametime (2009)
18. Tha Eastsidaz ft. Snoop - Bacc On The Blocc (2003)
19. Agallah - Adolf "8-Off" Agallar Interlude (2000)
20. C-Nile ft. Juvenile & Skip - U Know Me remix (2004)
21. Grand Puba - Issues Pete Rock Remix (2002)
22. Boyz N Da Hood & Lil' Wayne - Ride With Them Thangs (2006)
23. DB Tha General - Upgrade Um 2 (2011)
24. Spoonie Gee - Sex (Live At Danceteria) (1982/1986)
25. Crooklyn Clan - The Franklinz (1997)

~~> Download here! <~~

I haven't got time to write another 25 paragraphs of info per song tonight and hyperlinking all the posts these songs were originally featured in would be almost as time-consuming, but cadillacs still gon' roll up in this muthafucker since there's always the search button up top in the left hand corner if you need to know about which album/mixtape/12" they're taken from or whatever. I self, lord and master, travellin' faster as I get closer to the point : just go rock these funky joints.


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Thank you bro...gonna bump this for the next few days...

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that db tha general tune is insane

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looks good, theres a fair amount of stuff on here I dont have/havent heard so looking forward to hearing it

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I missed this one. Any chance of a re-up? I would love to hear some of these songs.

dank3570 said...

I've been reading back posts on your blog. I missed this comp but would love to hear some of these songs. Any chance for a re-up?

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re-up again?

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