Friday, 28 October 2011

Twitter, you deeed dat

Z-Ro - Look What You Did To Me
(From Look What You Did To Me; 1998)

All y'all dudes who've used Twitter to share your thoughts/network/harass or butter up Rappers, celebrities and journalists/promote yourself/follow Twitpic happy pornstars/troll Liverpool fans have probably had the times of your lives the last three years, but, as DB Tha General opined on Upgrade Um 2, "there's consequences in this shit, n***a!" Over the past ten months we've had to suffer Lupe Fiasco gracing a Trae joint and various new El-P production credits & cameo verses on songs by actual black ppl again just so you dudes can have a forum where Dante Ross asks the same five fucking questions over and over again and Wale posts awed updates about Mumblecore movie dialogue, but these are minor Twitter-fuelled indiscretions when compared to ol' Rio Ferdinand soundin' ass Joe Budden now having a medium to spread his unique brand of frowny faced faggotry to once-great Gangsta Rappers with Emo leanings.

The writing was on the wall last month when news spread that Budden's upcoming Sad-Rap EP would feature a Z-Ro verse, but this week saw our Texan hero bigging up T-Shirt & Buddens as a "real n*gga" in a freestyle Twitvid, and you can't help but hope the Mayan's prediction that the Earth will be eviscerated by tidal waves, tornadoes and spunking volcanoes in 2012 comes to fruition because it'd be preferable to seeing Z-Ro become the fifth member of Slaughterhouse, which is surely now inevitable. So, if we're all going to be engulfed by earth, wind and fire 'n' brimstone next year, then I'd like you to remember that this was the blog which gave you the photoshop of Joe Budden's head on the body of the sulking fat teenage chick from Papa Roach's Last Resort video :


brad said...

fuck 2012, i'm prepared for death now after watching that video of ferdinand interviewing drake.

step one said...

I signed up to twitter the other day and followed Budden for a bit. He spends most of time tweeting about banging chicks which makes me think that maybe he isnt banging chicks (and yes, I am aware of his track record on the Video Ho front)

P said...


The Great Gats, B said...

I'd rather have followed Fred and Rose West down into their basement than follow Buddens on a form of social networking.

Thomas said...


Thumbs up on the photoshop, I have not listened to Joe Budden since he was being called the next 50 Cent when he first came out, but I will assume his raps are really depressing to listen to.