Monday, 27 December 2010

Only built 4 a Curren$y link

HL asked me if I'd like to contribute an entry in his monumental countdown of the best rap songs of 2010 and offered me a handful of choices, I said I wouldn't mind writing an appraisal for Flying Iron by Curren$y & Fiend, so here it is as his 3rd favourite song of 2010.

Because it'd be ill-mannered of me to bid you adieu with nothing but a link, here's the first song those 2 chums dropped together a couple of years back during Curren$y's mixtape run.

Curren$y ft. Fiend - Coupes And Leers

Fiend's verse sounds like it was recorded in C-Murder's jailcell toilet bowl.

Bonus "we did it, Blogosphere, we did it!!!" action :

#YouKnowYou'veMadeIt when : your stats reveal that your posts are getting linked on the forum.

I only skimmed through 3 pages of the board's token hip hop thread my 2010 singles/other random songs post was linked in, but therein lay everything one could possibly hope from a Dissensus thread about teh rap muzik : an impassioned back-and-forth about not enjoying rappers who are materialistic/sexist/homophobic, a discussion about which is Nas's best album, and a comparison between Lil' Wayne and Bob Dylan. Marvelous work by all involved, and thanks to whoever linked my post for showing love and recognising that Baserock Babies by Beeda Weeda was one of '010's most neglected jams.

Beeda Weeda - Baserock Babies


hl said...

That Curren$y and Fiend project needs to drop asap. Never heard that song over the Camp Lo beat, nice track but as you mentioned Fiend's verse doesn't sound to crystal.

d said...

"a discussion about which is Nas's best album"

i dont think iv ever been one to blindly follow the popular opinion on shit like this but jesus

still nothing beats the invetible "how can you disrespect tupac's memory?/nas beat jay" debates in youtube comments. especially when they spell it naS or whatever

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nas fans have far supassed 2pac fans and Wu-Tang fans as the worst people on the internet at this point.

d said...

ha stillmatic! n-words on the run eatings far less ridiculous title but them clowns arent tryna hear that.

yeh wu-tang fans are somethin else. listenin to killarmy and inspectah dec solo albums.
but i hafto admit sunz of man's album had a few tunes, im a sucker for 60 sex assassins ol dirty-lite steez. its been years tho might need to revisit it.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Only Sunz Of Man song I ever heard was the single with ODB.

david said...

love the other dissensus thread on hip hop right now, purporting to cover rap songs from the 2000s. its gotta be the most arbitrary compilation of youtube links ever assembled to represent a decade of rap history, qualifications for inclusion seemingly unrelated to any kind of aesthetic worldview or historical narrative other than 'arbitrary disconnectedness'

kind of quaint, tho

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Bless their cotton socks.

d said...

eh upon relistening theyr a bit generic and one of ems particularly horrible but yeh they still have some tunes:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

A little too Killah Priest-ey for my tastes them, bruv.

2SHIN said...

If your getting any hits from dudes that be faking the funk, I might be responsible. Sorry bro:

Of all the pictures they printed, they choose the one where I wasn't mugging for the camera like I was LL Cool J.

The media tryna ruin my image.

misterjay said...

overlap of nas and bob marley fans?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...