Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Reasons why I love YouTube # 65

From me & mines to you & yours this Xmas eve, here's Kurtis Blow lip-syncing his way through Christmas Rappin' on Top Of The Pops in january 1980. The video for Rapper's Delight had appeared on TOTP in late 1979 but this performance was the first time a rapper appeared live on national U.K TV. Props to Kurtis for introducing rap music to this great nation of mine whilst dressed like the sort of mid-tier New Jersey mobster who made his living bootlegging dodgy imported Color Climax movies to flog to 42nd Street's seediest pornography stores.

Kurtis achieved maximum Lifestyle Synergy by wearing such a suit for his Top Of The Pops debut since TOTP was the show which turned Jimmy Savile into a household name, and that fooken' nonce probably owned every last dodgy imported Color Climax movie.

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