Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Generic list post: album intro/interlude/outro tracks which don't suck

This is the generic list post where I attempt to defend the much-maligned album intro/interlude/outro track by making a case for 30 incredible ones that have made it worth the effort of sitting through all the hundreds upon hundreds upon hundreds of bad ones. The criteria here is that they have to function as a song* and must not last longer than 3 minutes, though I've made an exception on the latter rule for a handful of essential intro joints. What no (Hiney) interlude from Gang Starr's The Ownerz????

Onyx - Bacdafucup (1993)
Young Bleed - An Offer U Can't Refuse (1998)
MF DOOM - Hands Of Doom (1999)
Ice-T - Home Of The Bodybag (1991)
Lil' Wayne - Big Tigger Live On The Radio (2002)
Mannie Fresh ft. Lil' Wayne - Wayne's Takeover (2004)
Schoolly D - Super N*gger (1989)
The Beatnuts - World Famous (1997)
Odd Squad - Shit Pit (1994)
OutKast - D.F. (Interlude) (2000)
Jungle Brothers - Jimmy's Bonus Beats (1988)
De La Soul - Intro (1993)
The Clipse ft. Fam-Lay - Freestyle (2002)
Beastie Boys - To All The Girls (1989)
Master P - Ooh Shit (1992)
DB Tha General - Intro (2007)
Mystikal - Smoke Something (1994)
Ice Cube - What They Hittin' Foe? (1990)
Snoop ft. Lady Of Rage - G Funk Intro (1993)
Cam'Ron - Fuck You (2000)
The Diplomats - Un Casa (2003)
DJ Quik - Hooray 4 Tha Funk (Reprise) (1995)
Geto Boys ft. J. Prince - Intro (1993)
Notorious B.I.G - B.I.G (Interlude) (1997)
Curren$y - The Briefing (2009)
Main Source - Scratch & Kut (1991)
Akinyele - You Know My Style (1993)
YG ft. Big TC & RJ - Thank God (Interlude) (2014)
Public Enemy - Show 'Em Whatcha Got (1988)
T.I. - Long Live Da Game (2003)

* By function as a song, I mean it must be something you can bump; thus, all spoken interludes in the JD's Gafflin' or Shark N*ggas (Biters) vein are disqualified.


James said...

Intro and Outro from "In A Major Way".

Dan said...

"Rebirth" is the best P.E intro

N.Brown said...

This Is The End Of The Story off Gucci's Trap God, first thing i thought of, fuckin belter.

d said...

This is my shit. I wish every child born had a Big Tymers intro.

Been playing Welcome To Our World a lot lately and the intros a classic if you can look past ur distaste for Missy.

step one said...

Good list. I've occasionally thought I should do a mix of stuff like this.
Would like to nominate 'Hand It Down' by Memphis Bleek on Hard Knock Life intro. Great Premier beat..

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Personal favourite Big Tymers intro on a classic CMR album is the one on Chopper City In The Ghetto.

sisilafami said...

wayne's been good at this

Jerel said...

"Newsflash" Tommy Wright III

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Could have easily had something from Walk InInside/Walk Out trilogy for the Wayne choice.

Catfish said...

P.E - security of the first world
Juvenile + Big Tymers - 400 degreez intro
Freeway - intro
TRU + C-Loc - 1nce Upon A Time

hotbox said...

Nice list. Some more that come to mind are ice t's fried chicken, the phone skits on threats album and comptons most wanted who's xxxxing who

2SHIN said...



Kelvin Mack10zie said...

You hear that sound? It's the buzz of 2$hin mad because I pulled off that Jesse Birdsall in the episode of Eldorado set on the yacht nautical swag better than him.

2SHIN said...

true but i wasn't going to the gym this summer so my calf game wasn't popping like it is right now

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Calf game ain't gonna change the fact that your whole swag this past summer was AZN Drew Millard, m8.

(Sorry, that was below the belt.)

2SHIN said...

i've been coming back to the drew millard comment every single day and yet the pain and hurt is still as strong as the first time

Fauxroahe Monch said...

How about "Intro" from Internal Affairs?

Fauxroahe Monch Again said...

Seconded the intro to In a Major Way, one of the greatest of all time...