Friday, 5 December 2014

A postscript to the great album interludes, and anti-cop song posts

If you've ever wondered why some of us old bastards view Ice-T as one of the true greats then consider the fact that dude had 42 second album interlude tracks which still stand up as poignant critiques of the American police force 23 years later:

Ice-T - Street Killer
(From OG: The Original Gangster album/VHS tape; 1991)

*EDIT* Someone has made a YouTube playlist of the near-whole O.G VHS tape. This is obviously the best way to experience that vintage Tracy Marrow "does South Central look like America to you?"-rap if you've got an hour to spare:


yeldarb said...

good vid

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The kicker on Street Killer bodies every single punchline of the combined careers of every Slaughterhouse member.

d said...

J-Zone the other day its one the most well sequenced, varied albums & hes right. Think people moved on a bit from three 16 bars n 3 hooks format the last few years. Dunno who I could stick for 7 minutes with no chorus though

Odessa said...

Unpopular opinion: Ice-T was better at skits than Prince Paul/De la soul. Shame he couldn't translate those skit writing chops into cogent documentary making. The art of rap was sub-media studies A-level shoddy.

GGGG said...

I should probably check this Ice T album out