Friday 19 December 2014

"Lotta muthaf**kers ain't know I was Puerto Rican, they thought I was black.."

Kevin Gates - Plug Daughter
(From Luci Brasi 2 mixtape; 2014)

Between Pesos making Snootie Wild's Yayo an irrelevance, Kap G, Snow Tha Product, and Baby Bash all dropping legitimate jams this year, and Kevin Gates admitting he's Puerto Rican on Plug Daughter here, is it safe to say that the lingering stench of South Park Mexican being a Mickey Mars Bar has finally been fumigated from the house of rap made by ppl of Latin descent?

In My Feelings is my shit from this new Gates. Also very partial to Talk On Phones.


Gossiping Bitches Snitch said...

Will High bahaha.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I hope his plug's daughter is of legal age or Gates has just set latin-American rappers back to 2002.