Tuesday 1 April 2014

Someone made a Spotify playlist out of my 2004 jams list

These rap bloggaz is Hyacinth Bucket, we got the hook-up from Lil-Bucket:

Haven't got Spotify installed on this tablet to currently check what's missing from my list, but you can listen to the playlist HERE!

Also, Genovese finally saw the post where I called him "the rap game Jackie Aprille Jr." Unless Dommy P can broker a peace deal and get the wolves called off, I'm pretty much a dead man.


Vinnie Paz And Jop said...

"I tell you what, you gonna end up in that river out there. Now you think about this when you go out and you take a look down and imagine what it's gonna feel like, huh? Slidin' around down the bottom with them eels and them crabs crawlin' outta your eyeballs..."


Kelvin Mack10zie said...


IRL LOL @ Vinnie Paz And Jop, though.

SORRY BUD said...


yeldarb said...

probably the first and last time keeping up appearances and genovese will ever appear in the same post