Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Geeked up for real

When the non-Canadian Drake interviewed DJ Mustard for Complex there was much discussion about the nuts & bolts of his production: Mustard admitted Ty Dolla $ign and P.Lo had hooked him up with some drum loops, but went batshit at the suggestion he'd jacked various elements from some obscure 2009 track by the HBK affiliate Young Bari and then spent the rest of the interview bragging that he had more money and hits than the entire HBK roster combined. As interviews go, it was both informative and amusing, but the evidence presented left us none the wiser as to whether there was a secrete architect of Mustard's sound, let alone who it might be.

Here's a suggestion: Up All Night by Faze & Coogi Dollaz is a 2009 Jerk anthem produced by Jaynari of that New Boyz single with Ray J/the League Of Starz production collective fame which was featured on Mustard's own 2010 compilation Let's Jerk. Let's just say it features numerous sonic tics that have gone on to be the hallmarks of Mustard's production and it should put any suggestions that Mustard bit his whole shit from HBK Gang to rest for good.

Faze ft. Coogi Dollaz - Up All Night
(From DJ Mustard presents Let's Jerk compilation; 2010)

If you're a rap geek who cares about boring trivialities like production credits, it's handy that you can now pick up cool little '00's CDs like Let's Jerk for the price of a supermarket sandwich, especially since there's still a market for flogging rubbish '80s and '90's rap CDs to Japanese kids who'll pay silly prices for any old shite as long as it's #RARE. I'm still spendin' money from 2008 when I sold some lad from Sendai my copy of Ice Cream Tee's awful 1988 album Can't Hold Back.


THE GUY said...


Racer Y said...

That bassline

Bob said...

Did Mustard produce anything on Let's Jerk?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Nope, he just mixed it on some Pete Tong type shit.

Jaynari also produced Chris Brown by Tay F 3rd on there.

Anonymous said...

Upload that album please!

noz said...

wow david is looking like one of those guys on twitter who manually rts you when you insult wiz khalifa but adds @wizkhalifa

i don't hear anything especially mustardy about this jaynari beat or at least not anymore mustardy than all of the other jerkin shit from around that time. besides everybody knows young l started all the fucking trends.

anyway what physicals from the jerkin era are floating around besides let's jerk and the vastly inferior super jerkin? i know there are the two ranger$ albums which are kind of whatever but what else red cafe voice. i would really like a pink dollaz or cold flamez cd.

noz said...

and has ne1 seen the mario van peebles direct to dvd jerksploitation film

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Fuck, that looks amazing.

Jerkin' physicals: Skinny Jeanz & A Mic by New Boyz and the You're A Jerk on CD single. That's all I can think of.

A Cold Flamez CD would be good, Miss Me, Kiss Me on 12" would be even better.

The first 20 odd seconds of Up All Night before the big death ray bassline comes in sounds exactly like a Mustard beat to me. I was genuinely shocked when I found out it was by Jaynari.

Anonymous said...

RJ is up next, finna fuck up da streetz

Thomas said...

I like this song a lot!

I was just thinking the other day it would be funny if DJ Mustard started a trend of producers naming themselves after condiments, but all the good names get snatched up early, so in like 1.5 years we start hearing some really hot beats from DJ Japanese Mayonnaise and DJ Mint Jelly.

CrowleyHead said...

"We The Party" is amazing, and also features the boy Keenon Jackson performing a motivational rap over the 'graduation theme' that is better than the entire discography of Tupac. Also features Legacy lyrically besting a strange midget mexican kid.

Supposedly M.I.A. actually spent a year and change lying to the Pink Dollaz saying she was going to get them a deal while the jerk phenom died out, proving that it's not just Diplo who can ruin everything.

Wasn't Mustard a member of "League Of Starz" for 5 seconds? As were half of the ratchet scene?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Since making this post I realised it was Jaynari not Mustard who produced YG's She A Model.