Monday 7 April 2014

Thank you, Ack Miller

Oakland stays killin' it with the Run D.M.C-interpolating tracks from late 2013 that I've only just caught up with. Last week there was Execution by DB Tha General, this week there's Foreal Foreal by Ezale which was recently granted a video. Son is the missing rap link between the NhT Boyz and Bobby Brackins, while Foreal Foreal sounds and looks like it belongs on the TReal TV 4 soundtrack (what happened to part 3?). The party don't stop, even when Ezale ends the song by hoping to be reunited with his dead brother in Heaven:

"I'm a loud n*gga, got a loud mouth
I get loud packs, I got a loud house
Gettin' down with the get-down, HAH
Been around when it got down, UH UH
Where was you when they slid through, HUH? HUH? HUH? HUH?"

Ezale - Foreal Foreal
(From Drug Funnie mixtape; 2013)

Do AZNs get a pass to drop n-bombs because they're the last truly persecuted race in AmeriKKKa today?


Zwoop nation said...

All that smoking at a gas station I have to imagine that they made the dude working there very nervous.

I saw the 5 Minutes of Funktown video but wasn't sure whether or not I should be taking it seriously. Great dancer, though.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

The Bay needs its own version of Jackie Chain, imho.

CrowleyHead said...

Someone needs to make the compilation "Greatest Bay Area Rap Records Over Songs Your Uncle Would Breakdance To"

Joe said...

wow. literal definition of gas. very scary. i'm just glad nobody got injured.

but on another note, just a heads up that stu hustlah released unfathered 5. i haven't listened to it yet but i thought i'd pass along the info since this seems to be the extent of stu's marketing strategy:

ackbar said...

S/O to the homie rhek who originally put me up on '5 Minutes of Funktown'...

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Please believe I'm up on Unfathered 5, Joe. The solo tracks are the ones to check for on this one, imo: Dope Runner and Neighbors Callin' Da Pigs.