Saturday 5 April 2014

Slangin' humble pie and St Ides in the same sentence #3

I still owe Lil' Chris a big apology for mistakenly thinking Same Shit Different Day and 2 Fake were his only good songs. Keep Your Head Up came recommended via Chris himself in defense of his catalogue and, fair play, it's another marvelous slice of bittersweet polyphonic westside Chicago rap:

Lil' Chris of M.I.C - Keep Your Head Up
(From Keep Your Head Up single; 2014)

What makes Keep Your Head Up a bit special is that it's such a plucky juxtaposition of the surreal and the very concrete real, with producer David Jansen cranking the melodic Emo-Tune sound of Same Shit Different Day up into tampon commercial backing-track territory, and Chris spinning us a couple of street-level yarns cut from the same cloth as Hey Young World and the song's namesake by 2pac. Like those sanitary towels Claire Rayner used to advertise on the telly, Keep Your Head Up will make you feel like you were born with wings.


Anonymous said...

DGainz is such a good director.

James said...

Such a good song.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Rap industry personalities Lil' Chris is probably taller than:

Prodigy & Havoc
Styles P

Unknown said...