Saturday 3 March 2012

Martorial elegance : Boosie edition # 7

After a drought of nothin' but thugged-out dudes in jhorts and overweight women who look like E-40 on the Boosie Justice Facebook page throughout january and february, we finally have a suitable candidate for 2012's first Boosie edition of Martorial Elegance. Drum roll plz, Animal :

Andre Williams - Jail Bait
(From Jail Bait 7"; 1957)

It's always disappointing that Detroit Rappers have never really utilised their own city's rich musical history; imagine Trick-Trick spazzing out and threatening to decapitate Yung Berg's head from his chain with a toothpick over Oscillator by Paperclip People or a Danny Brown cover of Jail Bait by the O.G Motor City R&B thug Andre Williams from the P.O.V of a dude who just can't help himself tellin' cornfed 90s babies "what the 80s like", preferably over a revamp of Andre's song by whoever was responsible for producing the stunning Lincoln Continental.

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AaronM said...

Brandun Deshay made "Lincoln Continental", also did up "Pac Blood", one of my favourite Danny joints.