Monday, 12 December 2011

Never Parlae without a Trick

"Fuck your momma, fuck yo' dog, yo' cat
N*gga, fuck yo' shirt, yo' coach, yo' hat
Fuck yo' wife, fuck yo' kids
*Fuck his wife?*
Yeah, I did!"

Trick-Trick & Parlae - Fuck 'Em
(From ??????; 2011)

(I dunno why, but you may have to forward this a few seconds after pressing play for it to work)

Inexplicably forgot to include Fuck 'Em in my favourite non-single joints of 2011 list after discovering it on one of the first Stay Hatin' podcasts earlier this year, so I just took a trip a trip to Youtube to hyperlink it whereupon I discovered there's a video for the song. It's bookended by a tedious extended intro and a third verse not featured on the MP3 by some dude in a Polish painter & decorator's cap whose Rapping is so forgettable he doesn't even warrant a credit in the opening title, but I'm glad a video exists for this cut all the same because Trick-Trick delivers some of 2011's best mean-muggin' and gesticulating this side of Slim Dunkin in the Twin Towers 2 Intro clip :

You may want to skip foward to the 2:30 mark if your tolerance for Rappers indulging in their The Wire fantasies begins and ends with the Dem Boyz video and stop it at 5:28 before the superfluous 3rd chap in the cap starts Rapping, but the 3 minutes between are a whirlwind of belligerent ig'nance that'll do just nicely now M.O.P have been relegated to shilling for their supper over the Stoupe-bamboozling beats of German Horrorcore producers.


Thomas said...

This is great, so many fucks!

sisilafami said...

it's on

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


brad said...

pardon the pun but i fuck with this