Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Fly fo' Xmas

Young Bleed ft. C-Loc & Maxminelli - Better Than The Last Time
(From My Balls And My Word; 1998)

All Maxminelli wanted for Christmas on Better Than The Last Time was "12 gold teeth, a fresh candy blue jeep and a 4.4 heat", but what I'm gagging to find in my Xmas stocking this year is a remixed version of that song which has the ascending synth-waves which stimulate dog whistle-like alpha waves in the human brain that producer Happy Perez only uses during the first chorus appearing throughout the rest of the song. This makes it all the more frustrating that he didn't rectify the problem when he and Max recorded a sequel to it a year later for the Lay-Lo album :

Lay-Lo - Better Than The Last Time Part 2
(From Simple & Plain; 1999)

So, basically, today's topic is : those orgasmic little moments in Rap songs that you wish were longer. Go!


done said...

Wish there was more of the piano bit here:

Mister Jay said...

that synth steel drum or whatever that is that only happens once makes me like this beat more. its weird that it only happens the first time, but not when the verse is replayed.
hip hop beats are built on repetition, so when a beat has a sound/drum fill/riff that doesn't happen enough, it makes you listen to the song more times to hear that good part more, which i think is cool.
also, d-moe is a really good storyteller:

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I forget how good The Block is.

James said...

"Better Than The Last Time" could do with a couple of Master P grunts.