Thursday, 22 December 2011

Oh shit!

A gaggle of your favourite bloggaz and fruitflies came together (no homo) on some Live Aid type shit to talk about our favourite Bay Area joints of 2011 for Thomas, which would make him the project's Bob Geldof.

I suppose that means David is Paul Young and Done is Bono. HL, Mister Jay and Nyquil can fight over who ends up as Boy George and George Michael, but I'm staking a claim on being Phil Collins, aiight?


done said...

My locs are prescription tho.

Mister Jay said...

i call boy george

Thomas said...

I had to google Bob Geldof to find out who he is lol.

Thanks for contributing, that post will probably cure AIDS and hunger in Africa.

brytburken said...

so epic I printed hundreds of copies of that post at work.... gonna hand out to the homeless tomorrow night


nyquil said...

I'm george michael cuz he's the worst. I need to update my fucking blog