Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Greatest movie scenes ever # 44

To make ammends for all the Suga Free songs I've posted this year, here's the trailer for 1988 Z-movie Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers where a bunch of Johns live up to their billing when they end up getting John Favara-ed by an Egyptian cult of chainsaw-wielding prostitutes led by that Gunnar Nelson bloke who played Leatherface in the O.G Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie :

While the scene where private detective Jack Chandler headbutts one of the 'tutes deserves to be mentioned alongside Jimmy Cagney kicking Virginia Mayo off the stool in White Heat and Lee Marvin throwing coffee in Gloria Grahame's face in The Big Heat as far as heinous acts towards women in the movies go, Hollywood Teenage Hookers probably won't be troubling Sight & Sound's upcoming 2012 poll of the greatest films of all time; though, lord knows, it's a better movie than 2001 : A Space Odyssey since it features such apparent trivialities to Stanley Kubrick as memorable characters and a coherent narrative, and it does have a better tagline than Citizen Kane, Tokyo Story, The Godfather 1 + 2, The Rules Of The Game and any of the other movies which made the last poll in 2002 :

The end credits promised a sequel called Student Chainsaw Nurses, which, according to Wikipedia, was never made. I wanna call it the Detox of late 80s horror-comedies but that shit would've been worth watching for the T&A alone, whereas I can't imagine Detox will have any redeeming qualities whatsoever.


Sparty Arty said...

Excellent stuff, I've been yearning to watch this Fred Olen Ray classic again and your write-up has convinced me to watch it agin tonight. No idea how chainsaws worked their way into an ancient egyptian sacrificial ritual but it's genius. Loved Michelle Bauer and Linnea Quigley. Incidentally, I have fond memories of flicking through old issues of Fangoria and always wanting to get my hands on LQ's Scream Queen Work Out.


Richard Tre Mane said...

Major schwing.

sisilafami said...

this is my Xmas gift for you mr martorialist : http://www13.zippyshare.com/v/40999651/file.html

Richard Tre Mane said...

Ring, ring - it's the phone; who is it? ANU with the Phil Coll'.