Friday 2 March 2012


3 great Rap paradoxes - 2pac having the cojones to call Dre a poof for his World Class Wrecking Crew outfits in the mid 80s when he'd posed in a studded leather vest for the All Eyez On Me CD booklet a few months earlier; Pastor Troy warning some unrefined wench not to smoke near his $3000 coat moments after threatening to bust glocks in the crowded V.I.P section of one of ATL's finest nightspots on Fuck The Club Up; the sheer glut of Rap released in february yielding so few gems.

And so March reared its head yesterday and with it comes a new Gunplay joint which has officially just saved Rap music in 2012 :

Gunplay - Jump Out
(From Bogota Rich : The Prequel mixtape; 2012)

By my calculations, Jump Out has barely been out 5 hours and yet it's already poised to be the new Stick 'Em by 1:00 PM GMT. I'd gladly trade the careers of the entire Black Hippy collective for a remix of Slim Dunkin's I Gotta Eat with an unreleased Dunk verse where he doesn't shoot somebody's dog and a Gunplay cameo for the 2nd verse where he refers to himself as the one man 9/11.

Slim Dunkin - I Gotta Eat
(From Menace II Society mixtape; 2011)


H.L. said...

*billy danze voice* FIYAH!!!!!!

done said...

I've been investigating Black Hippy the last few days and despite Jay Rock still being as boring as he was when I first heard him back when him & Nipsey Hustle were being promoted as the New West ala Joell/ Saigon etc, Ab-Soul sounding exactly like the kind of god awful textcee he claimed to be in that Noz interview and Kendrick having that post car crash-DOC/00s DMC voice, this songs kinda decent imo:

I'm afraid to check Kendricks album cos I've heard its basically Living Legends X My Beautiful Dark Fantasy, both of which I've avoided pretty successfully til now. Schoolboy Q seems like he might be cool though.

Apologies for length. That Gunplay song make a blogger want to beat his kids. Any recomendations for a Slim Dunkin solo tape? I loved Twin Towers 2.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I'm not sure if Menace II Society isn't his only solo 'tape because all the others I've come across are with somebody else. Whatever the case, that's the one you need to check.

Billy Patrick said...

Haha @ Done's first paragraph.

I want Ab-Soul to be good because he looks somewhat like Max B.