Sunday 4 March 2012

Brief thoughts on the new 8Ball mixtape

Nay : too many weed-carriers; too many past-it mercenaries like Bun B and Styles P; too many schmaltzy R&B hooks; too many lukewarm beats which sound like 2010 Gorilla Zoe joints.

Yay : Oh shit - it's a member of 112 in 2012!; Waka addressing his ever-expanding pot-belly on Immaculate Perception ("that's the get-money gut!"); that song, Drought and the 'tape's unsurprising highlight Showed Up :

8Ball ft. MJG - Showed Up
(From Premro mixtape; 2012)

Verdict : 3 definite keepers, but perhaps lacking a moment as good as Cold Hard World from MJG's last solo outing :

MJG ft. T-Mack & Daz - Cold Hard World
(From All I Do EP; 2009)


Anonymous said...

Seemed like everybody slept on ball & g's (two!) 2010 albums. Damn shame, those were great.

I kind of weirdly enjoy those guys on a song with R&B elements. They're too rough and vaguely monstrous to actually mesh with it, but sincere enough that they can kind of play off of it. -AK

Anonymous said...

Modifying the previous, of course, some of these pop-rock hooks are awkward as fuck. -AK