Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Martorial elegance : N.W.A edition # 3

Remember when Eazy-E announced he was releasing a double album featuring a song with Axl Rose back in a 1994 issue of The Source? Of course, it never happened because Eric fluttered up to the crossroads to chill with Freddie Mercury about 6 months later in 1995 after sticking his todger in some diseased skank/getting injected by a super form of HIV evil overlord Suge got Dr. Daz Dillinger to cook up in the Death Row laboratory, so the above picture and this song from Brandon McCartney's golden-era are the closest we'll ever come to such a cross-genre collaboration :

Lil B - Police 'n' N*ggas
(From the internet; 2009)

Crap GNR Rap punz a-go-go : It's So Weezy, Betta Axl Somebody, ParaDice Raw City, Izzy Shadlin, My Michel'le, Duff McKeakgan, Use Your IlluZion One, One In Amil-lion, Matt SoRumpletilskinz.


2SHIN said...

I needed this.

I'm not doing so great re: Vicky C getting engaged.

brb gonna listen to The-Dream - Veteran a few more times.

Ayo fuck David Mitchell. For real.

2SHIN said...
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Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Support network in effect.

Fuckin' Jimmy Carr pro'lly gonna scoop up Carol Vorderman next.

step one said...

Mr Brownsville?

Kelvin Mack10zie said...


Mr Bozack said...

yeh couldnt believe vicky got with that clown, shits fcked.

tonz o' gunz n rozez
welcome to the jungle brothers
slash money and marvelous
appewhite child rix for destruction