Friday, 9 March 2012

Gunplay = shapeshifting reptilian?

From "a human L.A riot" to "human methadone" in exactly 7 days :

"Human methadone, now leave me the eff alone
I take your bitch and eff her dome, it's me they wishin' death upon!"

Gunplay ft. Triple C's - Low Life
(From Bogota Rich : The Prequel mixtape; 2012)

Best hitherto unleaked song on the 'tape by the length of one of his very own Predator dreadlocks. Although Gunplay is clearly having difficulty deciding what he's the homosapien equivalent of on this 'tape, Low Life is almost certainly the conclusion of the Razor Ramon restaurant vignette in audio form :


done said...

_____ in human form, made flesh personified.

I still can't tell the other Triple Cs apart.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

I can tell them apart, I just can't work out which one is Torch and which one is Young Breed.

done said...

Yeah sorry thats what I meant, Clipse syndrome.

At least its not like Souls of Mischief, Tajai was the only definite there for me.

H.L. said...

Torch and Breed aren't the same person?