Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Rappaz R.N Prizun # 1

Your author is not particularly versed in the minutiae of the American legal system, but if C-Murder, a rapper currently languishing in prison possibly wrongly convicted of 2nd degree murder after his violent lyrics were used as evidence against him, really wishes to push his appeal for a fair retrial, then perhaps recording insanely ig'nant verses in the prison studio with numerous references to guns and murder for A-Wax posse tracks might not be the smartest way to go about it?

A-Wax & Gonzoe ft. C-Murder - Natural Disasters

Similarly, it's touching that A-Wax wants to highlight the FREE C-MURDER campaign headed by Murder's brother Master P, but you imagine there might be slightly more sensible ways to go about it than recording a song which makes Trap Goin' Ham seem like Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) in comparison.

Still, this video gets the thumbs up for featuring the first use of an umbrella seen in a rap video since that Dipset b-teamer video (was it Un Kasa or 40 Cal?) which included a scene where Jimmy held an umbrella aloft over Juelz as he got his Billy Joel on with a piano handily placed in the middle of a rain lashed Harlem street.

The Nore vs. Perez Hilton Twitter spat was an unexpected and often hilarious encounter, but here at The Martorialist we're eagerly awaiting a reprise of the A-Wax vs. Jacka Twitter beef. Never before has two men, their various hangers-on, a glut of fanboys from either side and various bemused trolls insulting each other on the internet been so entertaining.

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