Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Martorial elegance # 32

1. There are currently no pictures of Melvin Nerdly from Saved By The Bell to be found on Google image search.

2. The Uniqlo X Gilded Age blue zip-up is probably the most ill-fitting item of clothing I've ever tried on, and I'm someone who once bought an INFEST t-shirt from Richard of AWA Records which turned out to be a navel reaching belly shirt with a drawstring hem when it arrived through the post.

3. Chucks are baby-momma kicks status for everyone, bar esses and Cali' gang$ta-rappers. Great on Cube, Eazy, Snoop, Mac Dre, Turf Talk et al, not so great on everyone else. One thing i always wondered about Cali gangbangers is if Bloods can wear blue jeans? If not, it must really suck to have a wardrobe restristed to khakis and black jeans, huh?

4. When Barratt sent me this pic, Sean P talkin' shit at the end of the first verse on Da Art Of Disrespekinazation by Heltah Skeltah immediately came to mind :

"Get the fuck outta here, man
Lookin' like Leroy from Fame and shit.."

5. If black teenagers are going to base their looks on characters from 80s movies, then Debbi from Repo Man would be an excellent aesthetic blueprint for the gurlz :


brad said...

the missus bought us a pair of uniqlo jeans and they bled like fuck

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

So i hear. Their chinos are fantastic, tho.