Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Greatest movie scenes ever # 17

The Mostly Tha Voice edition.

If The Guardian can get away with exhorting that Michael Holding's dulcet Jamaican tones saying the words Ricky Ponting is one of the most joyous sounds on earth without accusations of patronising mild xenophbia being levelled at them, then I venture to suggest we can all quietly agree that Wikus from District 9 sounding like Mark Viduka is what bumps the movie into the domain of possible future classic. Every regular fuck became a more humourous fook and throwaway phrases such as "It's the sweetie man" and "I think I've crapped me pants" were elevated into guffaw inducing comedic knock-out blows. Even Woody back in the Annie Hall and Manhattan days couldn't have delivered 'em like that.

How very apt Peter Jackson was the producer behind District 9, since the distinctly amusing accents, offbeat location and protooding limbed aliens reminded me of Jackson's debut flick Bad Taste, which has long been a favourite here at The Martorialist. I would prefer to watch kittens being kicked before I'd watch any of the Lord Of The Rings franchise, and King Kong belongs in the same septic tank as Holy Smoke, Miami Vice and Transformers 2, but Jackson was THE man back when he was knocking out quirky Antipodean grossouts like Bad Taste, Brain Dead and Meet The Feebles.

In fact, Jackson was so good in those days that he could direct a particularly gruesome cliffside set-piece where he played both the victim, paramilitary team-member Derek, and the killer, homosapien munching 3rd-class alien flunky Robert :

Lose the goblins and role playing geeks, Jackson, and make another sordid horror-comedy with a 25 grand budget in New Zealand. Kthxbye.

Bonus beats :

Looka here, boy. Curren$y dropped a new video for my 2nd favourite song from This Ain't No Mixtape. So glad my compadre Sha Deezy became enamored with Curren$y this year, as we can now listen to something other than 95% Lloyd Banks tunes in the car.

Curren$y - Elevator Music


Boothe said...

lol @ "it's the sweetie man"

fook, i hated that movie.

My favorite voices belong to Thomas Haden Church, Donald Sutherland and Mila Kunis (yeah right).

dj said...

Braindead is in the top ten films of the nineties straight up. Bad Taste is also excellent.

My 51 year old father, having discovered Braindead late one night on television, went through a stage of drunkenly insisting we watched it immediately following social gatherings. Thus it will always be one of my top Christmas movies.

"I kick ass for the Lord".

I quite like Miami Vice though; Michael Mann is an exceptionally safe pair of hands.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

In a perfect world they'd show the first 3 Jackson movies after the queen's speech on xmas day.

Kelvin Mack10zie said...

Also, i really wish Keifer Sutherland would retire his whisper.

Great in Stand By Me, The Lost Boys and seasons 1 - 4 of 24, but unbearable thereafter.

Diamonds said...

95% Lloyd Banks? That's a bit unfair! My name is my name man