Thursday, 17 September 2009

The Above The Law 12" cover battle

The UK pressing :

Pros : possibly the better picture of the two with Go Mack's jheri-curl mullet in all its glory, a rare example of a UK pressing minus a crap CJ Mackintosh hip-house remix.

Cons : trademark UK pressing ultra thin paper sleeve.

The original US pressing :

Pros : full length outfit photo, the use of a cane.

Cons : the cumbersome Special 12" remixes by Dr Dre text.

Above The Law - Untouchable

"It's not what chu know, it's what cha can prove"

The original of Untouchable with the Light My Fire by Young Holt Unlimited sample was already perfect as it was, so I never had much love for the What Cha Can Prove remix itself, but as an instrumental the darn remix is some ol' Allied forces marching into Rome after forcing the Germans to retreat as the jubilant cheers from the people of Rome rang out in the air type shit :

Above The Law - What Cha Can Prove remix instrumental

Much in the same way that I proposed the Snoop freestyle from the start of the Afro Puffs should've been tweaked into a full length Death Row posse track a la Puffin' On Blunts And Drinkin' On Tanqueray with added freestyles from Tha Dogg Pound & Lady Of Rage, the What Cha Can Prove remix instrumental really should've been the bed for a DJ showcase track a la Behold The Detonator by Tuff Crew or Eric B Made My Day by Eric B. & Rakim (insert your own favorite golden-era DJ track here ~~~> _______ ) to let Above The Law's wax manipulator DJ Total K-Oss get loose and cut the livin' shit outta some records on it.

Them A&Rs over at Ruthless and Death Row were clearly bereft of my artistic vision.


step one said...

I've got this on 7", copped from Woolworths back in the day.
Dont get me started on dodgy UK remixes.

brad said...

absolute classic tune/group

agreed on the uk pressing cover

Amy Green. said...

i want to do a joint martorial style post it will be fun, guyz