Sunday, 25 January 2009

I take 'em 8 to 80 - blind, crippled and crazy

(No Jonathan Ross).

If ever there was a song which summed up the I Don't Care If You Wouldn't, I Would ethos then it would have to be No Ho'z Barred by PSK-13 featuring Point Blank, .38 and K-Rino. The genuine primal attraction to dirty rough slappers that pulsates deep inside every red-blooded male and an utter disdain for the concept of ladies who are considered guilty pleasures by normal standards are the genetic make-up of this, the track which here at The Martorialist we consider to be the ultimate ode to stank hoes.

PSK-13 ft Point Blank, .38 & K-Rino - No Ho'z Barred

Similarly, if ever there was ever a release which embobied that good ol' South Park Coalition ethos and sound you'd have to point to PSK-13's mini-album No Ordinary Aggin, which No Ho'z Barred is taken from.

The world is a complex place which often leaves us not being able to diferentiate between our arses and our elbows so why not retreat from the labyrinthine byways of everyday life and snuggle up with some wholly uncomplicated hard headed Texan gangsta shit replete with nefarious trunk-rattling synths, supremely ignorant lyrics with nary a regard for anything about being reckless down in Texas and intro dialogue samples of Tony Montana and Doughboy from Boyz N The Hood? Here's a PSK-13 deuce for y'all non believers :

PSK-13 - Headin' For My Trunk

PSK-13 - Settin' A Mark

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Anonymous said...

headin' for my trunk is HARD. any song with trunk in the title is automatically dope.

you need to burn or upload this full thing.