Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Martorial elegance # 9

Oh Mike - i don't even care that you now have the body of Matt Lucas but you went from shopping at Dapper Dan for Louis V. and MCM print jackets with Eric B. in the eighties to rockin' the sort of fly $5000 silk suits DeNiro rocked as Ace Rothstein in Casino in the nineties only to end up sporting high waisted relaxed-in-seat-and-thigh women's barry trousers from M&S and orthopedic shoes you bought from the News Of The World sunday supplement in the noughties.

Whut went wrong? Let's blame your boy Nigo.

Big Mike ft. Pimp C - Havin' Thangs


Conroy said...

i've always wanted to get a pair of those orthopedic shoes, just to see what they're like. Maybe one with a built up heel. I hear he proposed to aisleyne from big brother

dj said...

I love, love how fat Tyson has got. I'd still pay to see him and Holyfield go at one last time ... for the ages.